Survivor Speak 2015-2019

For the past four years, Healing Dialogue has participated in the annual Survivor Speak conference in April. At the latest conference, over 800 survivors, formerly incarcerated people, and advocates gathered in Sacramento to share their stories. After a day of action-oriented meetings, the entire group marched to the State Capitol to meet with legislators. 

Each year, the group that organizes Survivor Speak, Californians for Safety and Justice, puts together a legislative package designed to direct more healing resources to survivors and reform our inequitable criminal justice system. Survivors of violent crime, the formerly incarcerated, family members of murder victims, and family of offenders serving extreme sentences voiced impactful personal stories with legislators and urged them to pass the legislation Survivor Speak sponsored this year.

This movement has now spread to other states. Florida, Illinois, and Texas now host annual Survivor Speak events and thousands of participants have made their voices heard in their state capitals. 

The work of Survivor Speak is so important because it elevates the voices of those most affected by violent crime to the rooms where politicians are making decisions that can directly impact their lives. For too long these voices have been silenced or ignored.

HDA looks forward to continuing to work collaboratively with Californians for Safety and Justice and all of its partner organizations in the coming years.