Our Shared Journey

We respond with compassion and accompany each other in healing the harm caused by violent crime. New Healing Dialogue participants start with a carefully guided, safe, meeting of 20 to 30 people, evenly divided between family members of murder victims and family members of offenders. Leaders trained in the Healing Dialogue model teach about open-hearted listening and the value of sharing one’s personal experience.

In small groups led by skilled leaders, each person tells his or her story while the others listen.

To be heard with compassion and nonjudgment is healing; to do this with those typically viewed as the “other side” can be transformative.

Past Events

The Redemption Project

On May 8th 2019, HDA hosted over one hundred guests at a preview screening of The Redemption Project and a panel discussion with Van Jones at a private residence in Hancock Park.  The Redemption Project with Van Jones is an eight-part CNN Original Series produced by...

Survivor Speak

Survivor Speak 2015-2019 For the past four years, Healing Dialogue has participated in the annual Survivor Speak conference in April. At the latest conference, over 800 survivors, formerly incarcerated people, and advocates gathered in Sacramento to share their...

Cal State LA Symposium

On June 22nd, 2018 Healing Dialogue and Action partnered with Creative Acts and Words Uncaged to host a Symposium at Cal State LA which featured an art exhibit and restorative justice discussion circles. State Senator Holly Mitchell, who has championed many bills on...