The past few weeks of necessary physical-distancing have put us all under a great deal of stress and many of us are encountering a growing sense of isolation. At Healing Dialogue and Action, our hearts and minds have never left those among us who experience this isolation as a daily experience.

As the coronavirus spreads across the United States, the cases reported inside our nation’s prisons also grow at alarming rates. All California prisons are on virtual lockdown and the men and women inside are unable to access programming, visit with their loved ones, and are at high risk for contracting the virus. 

With this in mind, we are asking folks to post images of hope and solidarity on social media that we can use to create a larger collective image that can be printed on posters and mailed to every prison across the state.

We will request that the posters be displayed in every building where the people in prison live, as a reminder that there are many of us out here caring, praying, and fighting for them.

Please post an image that you would like to have included in this project and tag @HealingDialogueandAction on Facebook and @HDAHealing on Twitter and include the hashtag #HopeRaiser2020. It could be a photo of the ocean, of hands grasped together, or a photo of yourself holding a sign with an encouraging message.

Be creative and include a caption that explains why you chose that particular photo. If you are posting a photo you did not take, please credit the photographer.

Examples of photos to submit:

Photo by Ying Chih
Photo by Frank McKenna
Photo by Noelle Swan

Two Steps:

1. Share a picture that symbolizes hope and connectedness that you would like someone in prison to see. Use the hashtag #HopeRaiser2020 and tag @HealingDialogueandAction on Facebook and @HDAHealing on Twitter.

2. Include a short caption (20 words or less) explaining why you chose your picture. 

Examples of the finished project that will be visible in prisons across the state:

Thank you for your participation in this project. Your contribution honors the dignity and need for healing among those of us who are experiencing incarceration in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.